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The Sprouts design service offers a quick yet comprehensive garden design at an affordable price.  Sprouts pricing is based on the size of your garden; for a 1500sf area or less, the cost is $1000.  The design process is a strong collaborative effort between you and your designer, including three on site meetings.

   The process proceeds as follows:

  1. The client and designer discuss client's garden priorities.

  2. The designer conducts site analysis while the client gains inspiration reviewing Botany's image binders.

  3. The designer helps the client to decide on a garden style that suits the client's lifestyle and tastes, the home's architecture, and the garden's microclimates.

  4. The designer sketches several layout options exploring possibilities of the style in the client's garden.

  5. After receiving client's input, the designer drafts the final layout and planting plan.

  6. The designer offers construction assistance and referrals.

Design Charette

The Design Charette is an intensive design consultation that lasts 2-3 hours and costs $500. It is appropriate for small gardens of 1000sf or less with minimal design elements; and it is ideal for do-it-yourselfer's on a budget.
   To most effectively benefit from the design charette process, we request that clients prepare the following:

  1. A scaled drawing of your space at 1/4 or 1/8 scale. It should be on a sheet no larger than 11x17, and should include major elements to remain.

  2. Photos of gardens and plants that reflect the style you like, and from which you draw inspiration.

  3. The completed questionnaire that we send to you prior to our meeting. This will help you to give prior thought to the uses you want your space to accommodate.

   Upon completion of the design charette, we will deliver:

  1. A scaled design sketch which shows the layout of your new garden, including major garden elements (pathways, structures, planting beds, etc.) and a planting plan. The sketch will be simple and easy to read, and can be implemented by do-it-yourselfer's or a contractor.

  2. Referrals to bidders who can construct your garden project.

  3. A list of garden resources to use for constructing and furnishing your new garden.

   The design process moves quickly, thereby allowing you to proceed from concept to new garden quickly and on a budget.

Planting Design

If you already have your spaces laid out and only need assistance planning the planting, we offer planting plans which are to scale and include plant count, size, and plant names.  We measure and draw the planting areas that are to be designed, and the effort is collaborative, including three on site meetings.  Our planting plans begin at $600.

Fine Gardening

Our affordable weekly gardening service offers thoughtful & experienced assistance in beautifying your garden, large or small.  All work is performed by a horticulturally trained gardener.


The following services are included in our garden visit:


  • Mowing, edging and weeding

  • Flower bed “dead heading”

  • Fine, natural pruning of shrubs and small trees

  • Blowing and trash clean up

  • A monthly project with detailed focus on a particular area within the garden

  • Ongoing e-mail communication with you about garden priorities and ways we can continue to beautify your garden


Because you will have a trained designer on site on a regular basis, we can also offer sugestions how to continue to improve your garden and to help it to thrive.


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